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Let our team of dedicated instructors and applications specialists customize a lesson plan just for your clinic.  

Now booking private group training sessions in the following modalities:

General Companion Animal Ultrasound and Knobology

Your customizable lesson plan covers protocols and instructions on landmarks and organs within the abdomen demonstrating basic scan procedures. Instructor will review how to optimize images, add patient information, add annotation, how to use the measuring tool and what should be measured, how to acquire a cine loop, uses of the body marker, using colour, zoom for measuring and uses of the convex vs linear probe. Instructor will also go over what images are best to send to radiologist.

  • Knobology and review of the clinic’s ultrasound machine
  • How to maximize image quality – gain, depth, TGC, focus
  • Adjusting presets if needed
Radiation Safety: Hands-Free X-Ray

Radiation awareness and safety is a topic of discussion rapidly gaining popularity among today’s veterinary practices. In this session participants will learn how to accomplish hands-free radiology positioning of the small animal patient. Participants will learn how to use mechanical restraint, or a combination of mechanical/chemical restraint, to achieve a diagnostic quality small animal radiology study. A combination of trough, sandbags, wedges and tape can help you accomplish a hands-free study.  A discussion of best radiation safety practices for all sta­ and best safety practices for the patient will be included. Join the movement, reduce occupational radiation exposure with this workshop at your clinic. Hands-free ‘tool kits’ available with your session.

Dental Applications

Your customizable lesson plan for dental applications may include some or all of the following:

  • Dental Radiography Applications
  • Hand instrumentation, Identification, Usage and Maintenance
  • Nerve Block & Pain Management
  • Oral Exam & Charting
  • Comprehensive Periodontal Therapy