Clinical Workshops

with Eickemeyer Veterinary Technology for Life

Join in on these one and two-day workshops brought to you by Eickemeyer Canada and featuring guest speakers and industry leaders from a variety of clinical and teaching backgrounds.

Commonly Performed Surgical Procedures of The Abdomen

Join us in this course to learn/refresh skills commonly performed in surgical procedures of the abdomen including gastrotomy, gastropexy, splenectomy, enterotomy, enterectomy and anastomosis.

Fundamentals of Ophthalmology

Does the ‘check eye’ on your appointment schedule make you cringe? Do you want to develop a confident systematic approach to evaluating and diagnosing ocular conditions? The hands-on ophthalmology workshop is for you!

Fracture Repairs For The General Practitioner

The goal of this course is to provide veterinarians the practical surgical techniques for everyday life in small animal practices and perhaps beyond. A morning of lectures followed by an afternoon and a full day of hands-on laboratory time with applicable specimens.

Cutaneous Mass Removal – Tips and Tricks

Cutaneous mass removal is commonly performed in small animal practice. Join us in this laboratory to refresh surgical techniques to optimize oncological outcomes when performing cutaneous mass removal and learn about commonly used techniques to close large defects and high-tension areas.